I am Customena

Customena consists of exclusive products founded and directed by Amena.

Amena Henry Entrepreneur and director of Customena was born in London 

This passionate lady has searched for help and did the rest on her own. Since her journey started, she has showcased Trainer Heels at FN Platform in Las Vegas with BFA in 2018 and gained her first sale, just from marketing.

Her business has been Trademark registered in the UK for clothes, bags, accessories and more,  including a UK design IP for her footwear.

Be exposed to a unique collection of products, which you won’t find anywhere else. She doesn’t make products to put into the competitive marketplace.  She makes them unique, exclusive and customisable for brands who wish to connect and make a statement.

“Life is about moments don’t wait for them create them”. Exactly what she did to further her life ambition as an entrepreneur.

The project has just started, would you care to join us?